Sunday, August 30, 2009

Intro and Description

I am not sure if anyone will be at all interested in this exercise which I will be undertaking over the next year, but I would like to just post an overview of what I will be doing and a brief disclaimer.
Over the next year, I intend on completing one unique visual work inspired by an individual reading from Holy Mass for that day. I have no set timeline for completion within that day or how much time I will spend on each work, but clearly, as daily work they will be quick and limited in scope. I intend for most to be completed digitally (which will allow me to work quickly and limit the cost of supplies), but I will not confine myself to this as things progress.
These works are meant to be personal and sincere reflections on the readings that will most often be figurative in nature, though, I will not limit this either as I go on. I hope that these will be fast, ambitious and formally and stylistically experimental.
If in any of these works of the next year I err and unintentionally produce or represent anything that is not in harmony with any of the fundamental teachings or truth of the Catholic Church, I submit my work completely to Her instruction and correction with no hesitation. Thank you and God Bless!

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